Red, Copper & Black

Red, Gold and Black

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Matching¬†the awesome gold, red and black costume I made for the Flowshow, here’s another face painting style created for a Friday night hoop party and fire dancing performance gig. The pattern is symmetric. While the color is called “copper” by Kryolan, on my skin, this color looks much more like gold on my skin. ¬†This […]

Pink & Purple Butterfly

Pink & Purple Butterfly

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This was a 55 minute paint job, though it was early in my blending career, so I’d probably take 40 or so minutes at this point. Tools Needed: 3 small (approximately 2.5mm) square brushes (3206) 2 ultra thin detail brushes (size 3500) ELF eye shadow brush water baby wipes paper towels Colors Needed: Kryolan Aqua […]